Sparmax 2016 International Airbrush Competition

Sparmax is holding their first International Airbrush Competition this year. Entrants will be able to make their submissions electronically from April 1 – May 15, 2016. Each participant will be allowed a maximum of three entries, within the categories of:

  • Fine Art
  • Automotive / Kustom (cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc.)
  • Hobby / Models

The winners of each category, and their artwork, will be featured in top international airbrush magazines including the likes of Airbrush Action, Airbrush Step By Step, Paint and Kustom Graphics Magazine, and The Weathering Magazine, plus, they also stand to win cash and product prizes!

We hope to be able to showcase the works of airbrush artists from around the globe. Entry to the competition is free!

arism mini banner-C

ARISM Mini Featured By Airbrush Step By Step Magazine

In both the German 05/15 and English 04/15 editions of the Airbrush Step By Step Magazine, the Sparmax ARISM Mini compressor and set is featured in the reviews. Also available is a video demonstration which can be found here. Note: It is in German. Stay tuned for more reviews of Sparmax products and grab a copy of your Airbrush Step By Step for extensive tutorials and features on the latest in the airbrush scene!

Cover 0415 EN

Sparmax in Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine

Sparmax is delighted to be advertising with Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine. Based out of the UK, the magazine can be seen over over the world, including in the States, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Germany. For a more extensive list of their dealers, visit their website at:

A bi-monthly extravaganza of all things Pinstriping, Airbrush, Tattoo, Pinup & Burlesque, Lifestyle and much much more

Sparmax’s first advert is in Issue 50. Below are the awesome overs for issues 50 and 51.

50 51

The July-August Airbrush Action issue is out now

The 2015 July-August Airbrush Action magazine has hit the stands! In it, the ARISM MINI, which is available in a spectrum of colors, is on display – which color suits you best? With a metallic housing, you can airbrush your custom designs on as well.

Also featured in the magazine is this year’s Projector Buyer’s Guide, where you can compare the various models of this timeless art tool!

2015-0708 2015_July-August_Ad

Sparmax Featured in the 30th Anniversary Issue of Airbrush Action Magazine

In this milestone issue of Airbrush Action magazine, we announce the US and Canada exclusive promotion of the new ARISM Mini – an ultra-portable air compressor which will be available in 8 unique colors. In celebration of Airbrush Action’s 30th Anniversary, the ARISM Mini will also be 30% off! Contact your local art / hobby supply store, or visit our website for more information.

The results of our European Airbrush Competition 2014 is also featured in this issue. You can see the winning submissions along with other spectacular artwork. Credit to these amazing artists.

30th Anniversary Issue

30th Anniversary Issue Article 30th Anniversary Issue Article 2