TC-620X Highly Rated Compressor


NorthEast Rod 1

Congratulations to the NorthEast Rod and Custom Car Show for another successful event held at Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in March this year! SPARMAX had taken part by sponsoring the Airbrush Battle, one of the highlight of the show. We have sponsored five TC-620X compressors for each artist participating in the Airbrush Battle, and the artists seems to have enjoyed their experience with TC-620X since we have received many positive feedbacks after the show. Here’s a review from one of the artist:

“My name is Bruce Tatem, owner operator of Virtuair Airbrush Studios. Recently at an Auto show I had a chance to give the Sparmax Inspire TC-620X a good workout. Now I am used to lugging around a bulky, high priced, very heavy compressor. Well the Inspire changed all that. When I first unpacked it I was surprised to see all the accessories this compressor came with; multiple hoses, moisture trap and airbrush holders! I was skeptical about the size though. It was light weight and small (could use it on a desktop). Once I plugged it in I found that it was super quiet. Then I got to work… All weekend I was painting in my booth and in airbrush competitions. I had air on demand and the pressure never lagged. The long walk to the competition stage was no biggie since the compressor was light weight and had a handle for easy carrying. The square shape of the compressor makes it easy to fit in the back of my truck without easily flipping over. I have found a much better companion to take on the road and any new challenges!”



NorthEast Rod & Custom Car Show

Rod & Custom Car show2
Photo credit: NorthEast Rod & Custom Car Show

The NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals now enter its fourth year as THE most prominent Indoor Car Show on the East Coast. Once again, to be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA on March 21st, 22nd, 23rd of 2014.

Many car show activities will be taking place throughout this weekend. And one of the most entertaining events looking forward to is the Airbrush Battle! This is the event where some of the best artists will gather together to perform live painting for an hour using SPARMAX compressor!

SPARMAX latest ad on Airbrush Step by Step Magazine

Check us out on the latest October-December issue of Airbrush Step by Step Magazine for the SPARMAX ARISM 35th Anniversary Special Edition Kit. Now published in the European version and the English version will be out next Week!



The ads could be seen as the picture shown above. For purchase in Europe, please see our distributor list from for details.

Argentina Mandinga Tattoo Festival


September 28th~ 29th, tattoo enthusiasts gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the annual Mandinga Tattoo Fest.

Being known together with Mandinga Tattoo Show, one of the biggest tattoo events in Latin America held in March every year, Mandinga Tattoo Fest, held in September, focuses more on the local and the appliance of tattoo in Argentina.

Comparing to Mandinga Tattoo Show with over 250 artists attending from all over Latin America, USA and Europe, this Tattoo Fest provides a platform for local enthusiasts to interact in a more lively atmosphere.


Visitors get to explore a variety of tattoo related machine, equipment, merchandise, accessories, and attend seminars. Moreover, there’s an art gallery where visitors can experience temporary tattoo and see live painting demonstrations.


On demonstration, Sparmax has also taken part in the event by our distributor Monumental Del Plata S.A. as shown in the above photo displaying our compressor and airbrush.


Monumental Del Plata S.A. had invited some artists to paint live at the show demonstrating delicate airbrushing techniques as shown in the above photo.

Sparmax sponsors Argentina International Airbrush Competition

Event1ganador de gandores nacional copia

Giving out prizesTC-620X as prize

The Argentine Professional Airbrush ‘APA’ launched its very first international competition in June as an opportunity to gather airbrushing beginners, enthusiasts and professional artists to share their artworks and voices from local to global. All submissions are reviewed by the 2 famous artists, Jose San Juan and Gerald Mendez, and also board members of the APA organization.

Sparmax is happy to be part of this event sponsoring our winners the TC-620X compressor and SP-35 airbrush. Here are some highlights of the event and award ceremony held on August 4th  at the APA hall at Monumetal Del Plata.

Latest feature on Airbrush Action Magazine


airbrush action Aug 2013 coverairbrush action ad final-01

In celebration of our 35th Anniversary, we have featured SPARMAX in the July-August issue of Airbrush Action Magazine to further strengthen Sparmax brand recognition, so that more people around the world can get to know and access to the quality and innovative products from SPARMAX.

Furthermore, we are also planning to feature SPARMAX in the Airbrush Step by Step magazine for the October/November/December issue for both the English and Europe versions,