Interview with David Lopez – 2018 International Airbrush Competition

Our next interview is with David Lopez, who placed third in the Hobby / Model category in the 2018 Competition with his awesome Snowboard entry! A versatile artist that likes to continue to challenge himself and learn, he has created art on various surfaces and numerous projects. He also gives some great advice to beginners in our candid interview with him. Also be sure to check out his other works on his website and social media at the end of the interview!

Snowboard BB double sparmax contest

Sparmax (S): Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what is your background? When did you start airbrushing and what was the learning process was like for you?

David Lopez (DL): I started Airbrushing after seeing some of Dru Blair, Luis Royo & Sajime Sorayama’s beautiful work. It quickly made me realize how unique and challenging Art would be, so I learned by myself and with the help of online videos / tutorials, followed by hours and hours of practice. Even today, I still spend a lot of time learning / applying techniques.


S:Can you tell us a bit more about your winning entry piece? How / why did you choose it? How long did it take, and what inspired you?

DL: The piece I selected was not only a “paint” challenge but also a “repair” challenge, being a bit damaged. The satisfaction one gets, after completing both manipulations is unique. I chose it mainly for being a bigger design and its challenging aspect at that time. It took approximately 10 hours to do (prep + paint)


S: What does airbrushing mean to you and what drives your passion for airbrushing and creating art? Also, how do you find the ideas for your other works?

DL: Airbrushing, or simple sketching transports me to a very peaceful “place”, and allows me to actually relax and reflect. It drains out the stress and stimulates the brain ! I find inspiration in composite Photography, digital art, and mythology. I’ve always been fascinated by “warriors”, and mythological characters, gods, symbols. Anything with strong visual impact attracts me, as an Artist.


S: What are your goals / targets for airbrushing? What do you want to achieve?

DL: My main goal is to grow as an Artist, learn more and more every single time I pick up my Airbrush gun, and to ALWAYS stay humble in the process. Oh ! and to win, or place in the top three in a contest ! (wink)


S: Do you specialize or prefer to work on a specific surface?

DL: I do not prefer any surface, but I’ve been challenged by round surfaces (helmets & tanks), and by skin (Body art) over the years. As far as an actual “material”, I would have to say that a good old flat metal panel is very nice to work on, after proper preparation. But nothing beats a beautiful Bodypainted model ! (hehe)


S: How would you describe your style(s) in airbrushing?

DL: I would like for people to see me as a versatile Artist who uses a variety of tools, and who can handle many techniques. I do not want to be categorized by the public, or by other Artists. I wish to be able to paint a huge range of styles, from simple to complex designs. The harder, the more rewarding it is in the end.


S: Any advice to beginners looking to start airbrushing?

DL: Equipment is important to an extent, but Observation and practice are the two main keys ! Observe, study, practice … promote your work yourself, knock on doors, impose your style and don’t take “no” for an answer. Be polite, but let people know that if Airbrushing was “easy”, everybody or anybody would do it. Your hard work and its uniqueness has a value !


S: Do you have a website or blog? How can people reach you on social media?

DL: My website is : and you can also find me on Facebook (Aztec Arts) and Instagram (aztec_arts) … please don’t hesitate if you have any questions or projects ! I’m in Canada right now, but I would love to travel for concepts and contracts. Thanks and congratulations to other participants, and SPARMAX & sponsors for this beautiful opportunity !


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