Interview with Ivan Drond – 2016 International Airbrush Competition

In the finale of our interview series with the winners of the 2016 edition of the Sparmax International Airbrush Competition, we feature Ivan Drond, 3rd place in the Hobby / Model category.

Ivan is from Russia and took up airbrushing to complement his passion for building scale models. You can check out his work on Facebook:


Sparmax (S): Can you give us a little insight to your background?

Ivan (I): My name`s Ivan Drond . I`m 36 years old.
I was born in and grew up in Moscow. I like military stuff since I was a child. One day I was walking around town and saw the local scale model shop, I decided to go in, saw a complete model of a tank and thats where it all started. Some time later I find out about airbrushing techniques and how it works well on AFW models. Then I bought my first airbrush and compressor and started to pick up techniques and tricks from the internet and DVD tutorials.

S: What inspired the creation of the model, and how long did it take?
I: The work was inspired by historical chronicles and photos of WWII. Model of tank T-34 isn`t the most difficult model and so it took about two weeks to complete.

S: What inspires you to continue airbrushing?
I: My inspiration I take from many sources – historical literature, documentaries which shows armored vehicles. Looking at pictures or footage I imagine how I would build my next work. Also, works of Miguel Jimenez and others is a good motivator for me to get better. Airbrush is an indispensable tool for me and thousands of another modellers around the world.

S: What are your goals / objectives for airbrushing? What do you want to achieve?
I: I can`t say surely about final target, I’m just doing what I like to do and airbrush is my only friend and helper. However, the important thing for me is easy-to-use and usability.

S: What does airbrush mean for you?
I: It`s a day by day routine work that brings me a pleasure through the painting process andof course, the final result when you see a completed model.

S: Any tips for beginners who want to start airbrushing?
I: The more time you spend to understand how it works and what it gives to you, the more you’ll get in final.
My advice – do not be afraid of this amazing tool.