Interview with Veli Vahap Saltık – 2016 International Airbrush Competition

This week we present our interview with the winner of the Hobby / Models category in our 2016 competition: Veli Saltık from Turkey. A veteran of airbrush and modelling, he gives us an insight into his thoughts on this craft. Veli also has a Facebook page, and website, both of which we would recommend you to look at for all the amazing pieces of work:


Sparmax (S): Please provide a brief background about yourself; including, when you started airbrushing and what the learning process was like?

Veli (V): Hello, My name is Veli Vahap Saltık. I was born in Ankara in 1965. I have been working in the modelling space since 1975. It is more than a hobby for me – It’s a way of expressing myself. I started airbrushing about 25 years. It was not hard for me to learn the process because if you love the job, it becomes one of the most amazing things in your life.


S: Can you tell us a bit more about your work? How / why did you choose it? How long did it take, and what inspired you?

V: I have been a Ghostbusters fan since I saw the movie. The first one was better in my opinion. I finished this model in 2010. It took 1 month to finish the model.


S: What are your goals / targets for airbrushing? What do you want to achieve?

V: One of my goals is to airbrush a real motorcycle, and as I hear from my friends, it is a very amazing project to do.


S: What does airbrushing mean to you?

V: It is a simple and great beauty, it needs attention and like everything it needs love. This technique can sometimes be a hard technique as it need special work and attention. The cleaning process may also be troublesome. However, when you finish the model it becomes your child.


S: Any advice to beginners looking to start airbrushing?

V: As I said above, the cleaning process can be challenging. It needs attention. As a matter of fact that patience is the most important key. You have to work, you will make mistakes and with time you will learn.

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