Interview with Roland Thurnes – The 2nd Place Winner


Title: Morgentau (Morning Dew)

Dimensions: 50 x 35cm

Base: Schoellershammer 4G

Roland Thurnes, Austria Roland

Seeing the caterpillar hanging on the green grass/leaves with the fresh dew over the lake floating slightly by the breeze in the early morning is like seeing the real natural scene, breathing the fresh air, also feeling breezy and peaceful. A well-balanced composition, with colors and shadows which came out and captured the elegant atmosphere – Roland’s Morgentau caught the judges’ eyes, earning it the 2nd place prize. In our interview with the creator, Roland Thurnes from Austria, we learn about his background, inspiration and experience.

Sparmax: Tell us about your background. When was your first time to know airbrushing? When did you start learning and where?

Roland: The first time airbrushing caught my eye and I became interested in airbrushing in 1998. Then, since February 2012, I started learning the airbrush technique and had 2-year Intensive course at Handwerkskammer Ulm. I work as a painter for a church, especially working in the field, ‘Restoration and Preservation’ and of course, my hobby is airbrushing.

Sparmax: What inspires you for your airbrushing works?

Roland: In my airbrush work, I’m inspired by different things, such as: Animals and nature, design and embellish objects, or just “learning by doing”.

Sparmax: What’s the color you use the most while airbrushing and why? Or the color used depending on when/what?

Roland: The colors I used are mainly: Pro-Color by Hansa, in the field of fine art, because they can be the one with small nozzle sizes (0.2mm), over an extended period of time it works without any major problems and they work on cardboard and paper very well too. IFor range object design and Kustom Painting I use Auto-Air Colours, because they have better adhesion to plastic and metal substrates.

Sparmax: What does Airbrushing mean to you?

Roland: Airbrush is a wide range of possibilities for the design of all kinds of things for me.

Disclaimer: The interview was conducted in German, however, contents have been translate and the translation has been approved by Mr. Roland Thurnes.

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