Winners of the 2014 Sparmax European Airbrush Competition Announced!

Congratulations to the winners in our Fine Art category! You can see the winning entries below.

The 1st Place Winner


Thomas Olczyk, Germany

Lowin – Turkey feathers 17 x 9cm

The 2nd Place Winner


Roland Thurnes, Austria

Morgentau – Schoellershammer 4G 50 x 35cm

The 3rd Place Winner


Vivi Hoffmanns, The Netherlands

John Petrucci – Schoellershammer 4G 40 x 60cm (Reference photo photographed by Bert Treep)

A big thank you to all the participants in the inaugural Sparmax European Airbrush Competition. We were thrilled to see the variety of creations sent in, ranging from stunning creativity to epic beauty; it made it very difficult for our panel of judges to only pick 3 winners from the submissions!

We would also like to thank the judges, consisting of 3 talented artists who are active in airbrushing world, our exclusive distributor in Germany – Harder & Steenbeck, which is also a professional leading brand in airbrushing worldwide. We here at Sparmax also represented one judge. Below is a brief profile of our airbrush artist judges:

Ariel Castellaro perfil 2

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a child, Ariel was influenced by his grandmother, who was a painter of oil canvases.

Ariel himself started painting in 1995, using an airbrush to paint models, and soon ventured into shirts, and by 1997 his works were being sold in clothing stores. In 1998 he received intensive training in “free-hand” technique to work for an airbrush shop within a mall which eventually led him to start his own airbrushing shop.

Today, after expanding his business, Ariel regularly teaches and instructs in airbrushing for over 25 students, in groups of up to 8 students. He is a member of the APA (Professional Argentine Airbrush), an organization which plans and hosts several competitions and events for airbrushing, that draws many participants and has garnered world press.

So far he has delivered 2 seminars; “Airbrushing on dark surfaces” and “Introduction to free-hand airbrushing.” At present he is working on some custom paint projects for motorcycles and hot-rod cars.

He is also planning a series of seminars to deliver in Europe in 2015.



Website: (under construction)

Eddy Verpuylt eddy

Eddy Verpuylt, residing in Londerzeel, Belgium discovered the airbrushing technique 22 years ago. He is well versed in at different techniques, including kustom painting on vehicles, and realistic works on paper and canvas; despite these achievements, he is always still looking to explore and experiement with different airbrush techniques. In the past 12 years, Eddy has been teaching and instructing various arts such as airbrushing, pinstriping and kustom painting to both beginners and advanced students in the workshops of Artobi. Eddy is also a very talented photographer.


Evrim Duyar 997076_10152547503579285_7691494748200010466_n (2)

Evrim Duyar is a Turkish artist, currently also working and residing there. She is a member of IAA/AIAP, The International Association of Art and has designed and painted the helmets for the Acroteam pilots of the Turkish Air Force and was also part of the design team of the F-16 “SOLOTURK”, which is the only F-16 in Acroteam.

More than 300 F-16 pilots in the Turkish Air Forces are wearing flight helmets designed and painted by Evrim Duyar. She has performed airbrush work for four F-104 airplanes as well.

Throughout her career, she has taken part in countless events and roadshows with her highly impressive performance shows, organised for global companies including Mazda, Renault and Rexona.

She has painted a large amount of murals, autos, motorcycles, etc throughout her 11 years of professional experience.



Stay tuned for our interviews with the winners in the coming posts where they’ll share their experiences and tips. Keep an eye on our gallery;-)



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