Turkish artist, Evrim Duyar’s airbrushing demonstration at 2014 Mazda3 Event in Istanbul

The Mazda3 Show took place at Istanbul Park in Turkey in October, where Turkish artist, Evrim Duyar, was on hand to do an individual airbrushing demomstation on a Mazda3 car.




Ms. Evrim Duyar started airbrusing in 1995 and has made it into her full-time professional career since 2003. Clearly a very talented artist, she has worked on  plenty of mediums and produced get pieces, including on helmets, cars, motorcycles and wall paintings…etc. Below is her personal website and Facebook page:



We honored to learn that upon being invited to the Mazda3 Event, she had chosen to use Sparmax products for the demo. On using the Sparmax airbrushes, Ms. Evrim had the following to say:


“GP-850 served me very well on painting the large areas and applying the effects of background designs. With it, I could be able to create a realistic background in a pretty much faster way.

… and my favorite product Max-3.

It is a quite sensitive airbrush. With its 0,3 mm nozzle size, I could both apply the average tones and reach the fine precision, which was very important for me.

I usually have particle problems due to the automotive paints I use.

It needs time to filter and clear the paint which is fine if you’re working at a workshop and if time is not a matter. But in a 5 hours performance show like this, I knew that I wouldn’t have such time. So I preferred to use max-3 and I saw that it was the right choice.”


See Ms. Evrim Duyar’s delicate and gorgeous work on Mazda3 car! Also, a thank you to her for the positive feedback.


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