“SPARMAX PRESENTS” on Lowrider Scene Magazine

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This issue of Lowrider Scene Magazine debuts the first “Sparmax Presents” section, featuring award-winning airbrush artist, Alberto Herrera.

Having worked on nationally ranked vehicles which are class champions or have won “Best of Show” titles, we are excited to show his amazing work, some of which have not been seen by the public until now. Of course, we were also happy with his feedback for our products!

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“I recommend the SARMAX airbrushing systems to anyone. I like way it sprays the pearls and candies. The SPARMAX SP-35 & the DH-125 were easy and fun to work with”

He also gave a special mention to the ARISM compressor’s compact size allowing for more working space on the table top. Alberto had a blast with this system ARISM compressor and looks forward in working with more Sparmax airbrushes and compressors.