Make-up seminar


On July 16th, Monumental del Plata in Argentina held a packed airbrush makeup seminar for many artists and enthusiasts. With their new facilities and larger spaces, Monumental del Plata was able to accommodate the larger turnout in the new makeup lounge.

As the airbrush-of-choice for many makeup artists, each participant was provided with a Sparmax SP-35 at the seminar which helped to make this an enjoyable and informative learning experience. The feedback for Monumental and Sparmax products were both highly positive and encouraging!

Instructor: Ms. Angeles Vazquez, celebrity makeup artist.


Here is a review from Ms. Angeles (translated):

“My name is Angeles Vazquez and I was the instructor at the seminar. During the seminar, we used the Sparmax SP-35 airbrush, we chose to use Sparmax because the brand is recognized and trusted, and the SP-35 also has the perfect cup size for applying airbrush makeup. During the seminar, students practiced using the double-action feature of the SP-35 on paper, spraying small, thin lines, and trying out effects on light volume and shadows as the first steps. Afterwards, they applied the skills taught on models. Everyone was using the SP-35 without difficulty even though many were first-time users. The results were also amazing! By airbrushing, they were able to apply thin layers of the makeup that blend seamlessly with the skin tones of the model. We were able to easily see the differences in the before-after shots from the models. We were all very pleased with the results.”


One of the models in the seminar, the lovely Ms. Nicole Gonzales, described her first time being airbrushed as an excellent experience and noted the benefits of airbrushing foundations and pigments. Nicole said she felt comfortable throughout the process and found that the results made her face look lighter, smoother, and more natural whilst also covering small spots thoroughly. She was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly the results were achieved!

Monumental del Plata will continue to hold seminars in Argentina, if you’re interested in attending or would like to learn more, please contact them by email at or by phone at 002 54 11 4855 9023.

Summer trends + SPARMAX on Airbrush Step By Step Magazine

Temporary Tattoos for Summer Fun!
Step by Step demo using Sparmax ARISM compressor and SP-35 airbrush.
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