TC-620X Highly Rated Compressor


NorthEast Rod 1

Congratulations to the NorthEast Rod and Custom Car Show for another successful event held at Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in March this year! SPARMAX had taken part by sponsoring the Airbrush Battle, one of the highlight of the show. We have sponsored five TC-620X compressors for each artist participating in the Airbrush Battle, and the artists seems to have enjoyed their experience with TC-620X since we have received many positive feedbacks after the show. Here’s a review from one of the artist:

“My name is Bruce Tatem, owner operator of Virtuair Airbrush Studios. Recently at an Auto show I had a chance to give the Sparmax Inspire TC-620X a good workout. Now I am used to lugging around a bulky, high priced, very heavy compressor. Well the Inspire changed all that. When I first unpacked it I was surprised to see all the accessories this compressor came with; multiple hoses, moisture trap and airbrush holders! I was skeptical about the size though. It was light weight and small (could use it on a desktop). Once I plugged it in I found that it was super quiet. Then I got to work… All weekend I was painting in my booth and in airbrush competitions. I had air on demand and the pressure never lagged. The long walk to the competition stage was no biggie since the compressor was light weight and had a handle for easy carrying. The square shape of the compressor makes it easy to fit in the back of my truck without easily flipping over. I have found a much better companion to take on the road and any new challenges!”