Argentina Mandinga Tattoo Festival


September 28th~ 29th, tattoo enthusiasts gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the annual Mandinga Tattoo Fest.

Being known together with Mandinga Tattoo Show, one of the biggest tattoo events in Latin America held in March every year, Mandinga Tattoo Fest, held in September, focuses more on the local and the appliance of tattoo in Argentina.

Comparing to Mandinga Tattoo Show with over 250 artists attending from all over Latin America, USA and Europe, this Tattoo Fest provides a platform for local enthusiasts to interact in a more lively atmosphere.


Visitors get to explore a variety of tattoo related machine, equipment, merchandise, accessories, and attend seminars. Moreover, there’s an art gallery where visitors can experience temporary tattoo and see live painting demonstrations.


On demonstration, Sparmax has also taken part in the event by our distributor Monumental Del Plata S.A. as shown in the above photo displaying our compressor and airbrush.


Monumental Del Plata S.A. had invited some artists to paint live at the show demonstrating delicate airbrushing techniques as shown in the above photo.

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