Sparmax Artist, Shawn B. Kurbanali, shares his artwork


The legendary “Zero Fighter” painted by Mr. Shawn B. Kurbanali, a hobby artist from Dubai, using Sparmax compressor TC-620X and airbrush SP-35. He who has complimented the flawless quality of Sparmax products: “The product (TC-620X compressor) is nothing short of spectacular even by the most exacting standards. First, the build quality is exceptional. The unit arrived flawless, well packed, and the overall assembly highlights Sparmax’s attention to detail; Second, compressor performance is impressive. There is zero pulsation in all operating ranges and it delivers a consistent and accurate pressure; Third, it is the quietest compressor I have used; Fourth, the manual is well written and easy to follow; And finally, of equal importance, is customer service. Here, Sparmax has excelled exponentially. Not surprising. Without hesitation I can recommend the TC-620X to anyone who wants a professional, state-of-the-art performing unit, for use on important projects.”

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