Visual Art using Sparmax Airbrush by Mr. Nestor Rosso

Nestor Rosso is a visual artist in Argentina specializing in RETRATOS (portrait) for Realism. In his long career path he has adapted his own way of mixing both techniques of traditional brush with airbrush in his artworks. Nestor has worked with a number of ministry projects held by the Embassy of Argentina, Peru, Colombia etc, and was invited to paint live on many congresses.

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For this blog entry, Nestor revealed that most of his artworks are done with Sparmax products and thanked us for a variety selection of airbrushes with high qualiity, allowing him to create paintings with gaze, texture and fine lines to get perfection. He uses Sparmax MAX-3 and SP-575 airbrush.

Here is a part of introduction from Nestor explaining how he created some of the artworks.
“My artwork for the Embassy of Peru shows San Martin with two flags in the background, joining the people of Peru and Argentina, respective countries.  You can see the art showing your brush textures and fine lines of airbrush to making the great masters of history.  In reproducing the great masterpieces of San Martin, Mona Lisa or The creation of Adam, thanks to the finesse of lines that produces airbrushing glazes, highlights making Sparmax as one of the leading brands worldwide. This is why I have used their different airbrushes to perform in exhibition congress, and participate in events like the Atahualpa Yupanqui in senate blue room. This work was painted in live in front of 300 people and world of politicians, entirely using Sparmax Airbrush.
Thank you to Sparmax for continuing to improve your airbrushing line, with the perfect Sparmax airbrush with me I feel more comfortable and confident to produce professional artworks.”


Mr. Nestor Rosso was invited by our distributor Monumental del Plata S.A in Argentina to do a live portrait painting at their store.


Sparmax Artist, Shawn B. Kurbanali, shares his artwork


The legendary “Zero Fighter” painted by Mr. Shawn B. Kurbanali, a hobby artist from Dubai, using Sparmax compressor TC-620X and airbrush SP-35. He who has complimented the flawless quality of Sparmax products: “The product (TC-620X compressor) is nothing short of spectacular even by the most exacting standards. First, the build quality is exceptional. The unit arrived flawless, well packed, and the overall assembly highlights Sparmax’s attention to detail; Second, compressor performance is impressive. There is zero pulsation in all operating ranges and it delivers a consistent and accurate pressure; Third, it is the quietest compressor I have used; Fourth, the manual is well written and easy to follow; And finally, of equal importance, is customer service. Here, Sparmax has excelled exponentially. Not surprising. Without hesitation I can recommend the TC-620X to anyone who wants a professional, state-of-the-art performing unit, for use on important projects.”

Sparmax sponsors Argentina International Airbrush Competition

Event1ganador de gandores nacional copia

Giving out prizesTC-620X as prize

The Argentine Professional Airbrush ‘APA’ launched its very first international competition in June as an opportunity to gather airbrushing beginners, enthusiasts and professional artists to share their artworks and voices from local to global. All submissions are reviewed by the 2 famous artists, Jose San Juan and Gerald Mendez, and also board members of the APA organization.

Sparmax is happy to be part of this event sponsoring our winners the TC-620X compressor and SP-35 airbrush. Here are some highlights of the event and award ceremony held on August 4th  at the APA hall at Monumetal Del Plata.